Riverside Church Exeter


It is our aim that every young person is given the opportunity to learn about God, to explore and develop their faith, and to put this faith into practice in a way that enables them to grow in relationship with Jesus. We try to build strong relationships with all the young people we work with, and to help them develop into their full potential as individuals, within the church, and in their relationship with God.

Deeper (Sunday, 10am, Y7-9) provides the opportunity to switch the main preach for a more active exploration of the bible. Sunday Deeper allows space for young people to strengthen their relationships with each other, and to engage with the bible in a format that encourages questions and interaction.

Deeper (Wednesday, 6:30pm, Y7-11) enables the young people to study the bible in depth, to spend time in prayer and to explore how the Christian faith can be lived out every day. Wednesday Deeper also provides the basis for our Sleeper events – these work both as fun social events, and as time to examine a single theme or issue in even greater depth than usual.

Youth Band (Friday, 6:30pm, Y7+) is an opportunity to worship together, and also acts as our training ground for those young people looking to serve within the Sunday worship bands (as several have gone on to do).

Friday Night Youth (Friday, 7:30pm, Y7+) is our largest project. Each week we run a different main activity (sports, movies, problem solving challenges, quizzes, cooking, art…), bracketed with time to chill out and build relationships, both between the young people themselves, and with the leaders. Friday nights attract young people from all stages of the faith journey, which provides an opportunity for those early in the journey to see how others live out their faith in practice.