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Sundays at Riverside – Meeting starts 10:30am (coffee and donuts from 10am)

Sunday’s at Riverside begin at 10am, with coffee and donuts upstairs in the Riverview room (someone will happily show you around). Then at 10:30am our meeting begins with some high energy praise and worship.

After worship, our children and youth leave the meeting to learn about the bible together in a more interactive setting. Also on a Sunday there’s a talk for around 30 minutes of an inspiring and challenging message.

We are normally finished by 11:45am. We hope you will join us in the Cafe Connect for a coffee and chat afterwards.

Why not come along on Sunday and experience a Riverside meeting for yourself? Please click the link below and fill in the form if you’d like us to arrange for someone to meet you at the doors and welcome you!

Buy Alprazolam Online