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Senior Pastors

Aran and Rachel are the Senior Ministers of Riverside Church. Married for over 20 years they are passionate about loving God and loving people and having a whole lot of fun in between the two. They have 3 incredible children, Joshua, Bethan and Nathan. They have a real heart to lead a vibrant contemporary fun filled church that impacts its local communities as well as developing a new generation of leaders.

Aran and Rachel met whilst working on an AOG Home Missions Team, where they were involved in church planting, evangelism and various youth work projects. They were married in 1994 and settled in Saffron Walden Essex assisting the local AOG church as youth pastors eventually becoming assistant ministers. Aran also served as a local Police Officer within Hertfordshire Constabulary. Rachel has a vocational background within HR, training and wages/payroll In January 2003 they felt a clear call of God to relocate to Exeter and were invited to serve on the ministry team with the senior minister John Partington at Riverside Church. In 2006 Aran and Rachel were appointed as senior leaders of the church. Aran is high energy, fun and brings an evangelistic edge to the church, he regularly leads global mission teams all over the world. He has recently completed his MA in Missional Leadership. He loves cricket, golf and rugby and is a huge Exeter Chiefs fan, he’s also a Nottingham Forest fan but doesn’t seem to mention this much.

Rachel brings a softer edge, she is insightful and speaks into the life of the church with gentle wisdom, she heads up the Pastoral Care department of the church and oversees life groups and the many discipleship courses that run within the church. She has a passion for snow, beaches, football (a life-long Tottenham Hotspur fan) and light bubbly chocolate, believing that regular consumption of which can keep you slim.

“The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

Our Team

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Assistant Pastors

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Gareth and Hannah serve as Assistant Pastors; overseeing and serving within many areas of Riverside. They met at Riverside whilst serving on the Young Adults’ team and married in the summer of 2011. They have a daughter, Naomi, who arrived in January 2015. They both have an incredible desire to build a community of worshippers who are passionate for God and fulfilling their destiny in Him. Gareth is also Riverside’s Worship Pastor, responsible for carrying the vision for the worship team.

Leadership Team

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Angela and John have been married since 1977 and have three grown up children. They have been involved in church life in Exeter for years too numerous to mention. They have a passion for the St Thomas community and the City of Exeter, and desire to see lives changed through relationship with Jesus. They have a heart for Riverside and its people and believe in a strong generational church that makes a difference in communities locally, nationally and internationally.

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