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A vision for Devon, the South West and Beyond
At Riverside we are passionate about reaching the world with the good news of Jesus because we believe that God has an incredible destiny not just for our city here in Exeter, but for the whole of South Devon and beyond! We are so committed to letting this whole region know that God loves them and we are here to show you in whatever way we can.
As well as Exeter we have recently planted a campus in the seaside town of Exmouth, a beautiful town with such a rich history and culture. Exmouth also has played a huge part in UK Church growth and we believe will do once again in the future! Click the ‘continue reading’ link below to check out our vision and values below to see what makes us tick:
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Exeter and Exmouth

Sundays at Riverside

Contact us to receive regular email updates from the Riverside family

Get Involved

Buy Alprazolam Online Canada, Buy Xanax 2Mg Cheap

Buying Xanax From CanadaJoin the adventure! We believe Church is so much more than a meeting on a Sunday. Its a people. A family. Find out how you can plug into all that Riverside has for you and your family and the programs we run.

Xanax Uk OnlineConnect groups are a great way for us to share life with each other and to help encourage and inspire each other with our faith stories. Click here to find more info on connect groups and find one that’s right for you.

Buy Alprazolam OnlineHave questions about life or faith or anything? Alpha is a great way to ask questions and hear from people with stories to share. All this and food! Click to learn more about Alpha and find out when our next course is running.

Use your gifts and passions to serve others

Find out about joining a team