Privacy Policy

How Riverside Church uses your details:

We take your information and its security very seriously here at Riverside so we wanted to get in touch to let you know how we will be keeping your information safe going forward.

The types of information we keep on file are:

1) Identifiable Information: These are the email details we use for this mailing list and other contact details (email, address, telephone numbers) for our current partners and frequent attendees.

This mailing list is used solely for the purpose of sending out news and information on special services, events and occasional needs.

If you have given us your details as part of a one off conference or event, then as soon as that event has ended, we delete your personal information from our files.

2) As we are a charity that works with both children and vulnerable adults, we may hold information on your latest DBS check, if you have had one completed by us.

3) We may collect ‘Anonymous Information’ that does not personally identify you but categorises you into a group or sector (e.g. age, marital status) and we can use this information to tailor our communication more accurately.

4) If you are part of a team at Riverside, we will also hold information about this. This will be for the sole purpose of team organisation and the creation of rotas for Sunday services and events.

We never give out any of your information to anyone. Your information stays safely on our encrypted system.

You are most likely on our mailing list because you are either a partner of Riverside Church, or you completed a Get Connected card when you visited one of our services or events.

As always we try to keep our emails to a minimum and only send you things that are relevant or important to your interest in Riverside Church. If you have any questions regarding what we have mentioned above please feel free to get in touch and will do what we can to answer your queries.