Riverside Academy


At Riverside, our mission is to reach the lost. We are really believing and praying that we are going to see so many new people coming to church for the first time and responding to the gospel. This is amazing, and we want to surround and support these new Christians in their walk of faith.

For us, Connect groups are key to ensuring that people don’t just come in the front door and go straight back out again. Our aim is to make sure that every one who responds to the message on a Sunday begins a journey of discipleship that will carry them forward into the full life that God has for them.
Of course, doctors prescribed me Valium, but I try to avoid it. Yes, it has apronounced hypnotic effect, but not in all patients. Some people don’t observe the same sleeping effect as others. The tranquilizing effect is more noticeable in all patients (as well as the consequences of the drug). Some patients observed weakness, increased heart rate, low blood pressure and foggy head.

Our Connect Groups provide an informal, friendly environment in which to develop friendships and journey together!

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